How to enable or disable the right-click on a tablet pen

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How to enable or disable the right-click on a tablet pen


November 8, 2005




How To Enable or Disable The Right-click On A Tablet Pen


Any Motion Computing Tablet PC

OS Version:

Windows XP & Windows Vista



This article describes how to turn the right-click feature on or off on a tablet PC.



If the right-click function of the Pen button has been deactivated, it can be turned on with these steps:


Windows XP


1. Double-tap the Tablet and Pen Settings icon in the Notification Area of the Windows Taskbar, located in the lower right-hand corner of the display window.

2. Select Pen Options

3. Check the “Use pen button to right click” box

4. Click Apply


Windows Vista


1. Open the Motion Dashboard

2. Select the Pen & Tablet category

3. Select Pen & Input Devices

4. On the “Pen Options” tab check the box labeled “Use the pen button as a right-click equivalent”




If you require further assistance please contact your Motion Service Provider


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